Semalt Suggests 5 Of The Best Web Scrapping Tools

Web scraping is a complicated procedure that ensures quality data extraction from the Internet and pulls useful information for the users. It may not be possible to find a suitable web scraping software or tool as there are plenty of options out there. However, some programs require technical coding skills while the others are quite expensive, and not suitable for startups.

Here we have talked about 5 best web scraping software for commercial and non-commercial use.

1. Ficstar:

Ficstar is a powerful online service that doesn't need you to combine and update the raw data manually. Instead, it identifies, analyzes, and organizes the data for you: it then matches and compares the products and services of different web resources. Using Ficstar, you don't need to check the records or merge the data sheets as it will do everything as per your directions and requirements. From the e-commerce and shopping websites to online directories, this software can extract all types of data, letting us view the comprehensive results without any investment.

2. iWeb:

iWeb is an excellent and reliable tool for both commercial and non-commercial users. It allows us to suggest the website or blog, assess the quote for the extraction, check and evaluate the quality, and pay the fee once our work is done as per our desires and expectations. If you are a startup, you don't need to worry about its price as iWeb will not cost you more than $40 per month. It is one of the best data mining and content extraction tool on the internet.

3. TheWebMiner:

TheWebMiner is actually a web scraping company that has presented a software of the same name. This powerful program processes a huge amount of data every hour, and offers automation and consulting service to its users. No matter what type of data you require, TheWebMiner will definitely fulfill your expectations. From the one-time data extraction feature to the daily reports or updates about competitors in the market, this software will provide you every type of information. Some of its best options are a statistical indicator, complex data extractor, and trend identification.

4. WebSundew:

Just like TheWebMiner, WebSundew is a powerful and amazing web scraping program for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. It helps extract data from websites with high speed and productivity. WebSundew lets us automate the data extraction procedure and stores the information both online and offline. The customers of this program know that WebSundew can collect, analyze and scrape a wide range of websites without any coding skills.

5. Darcy Ripper:

Darcy Ripper is a free site downloader and web scraper that has been used by a large number of journalists, researchers, programmers, developers, scholars, webmasters, students, and digital marketers. This software is fully implemented in JavaScript, and you can easily run it on any of your Java enable machines. Moreover, Darcy Ripper saves your data in the form of Job Package file and provides various configuration settings to its users. Some of its configuration features are the possibilities of resuming the web pages, cookies and WWW-authentication.